Popcorn Dates

Scout Sales:
* Orders due ($$ & prizes) to Den Leaders on Oct 13. (Exception: Scouts scheduled for last two show n sell dates can submit prize selections to Popcorn Kernel / Treasurer on Oct 22. All $$$ due to Den Leader on Oct 13)
* Orders due from Den Leaders to Popcorn Kernel on Oct 22.
* Popcorn pickup on Nov 11. All scouts to pickup from Den Leader on Nov 11 & 12 to deliver to customers. (Need volunteers to assist early on Saturday morning)

Show n Sell:
* Shifts last year were worth $90/scout per shift.
* Order pickup on Sept 16. Need volunteers to assist early that Saturday morning.
* Show and Sell dates will be available for registration on Sept 10.

Shifts to create sign ups:
Each shift may have 5 scouts and must have 1 Adult supervisor.
Shifts are 2 hours.

9/22 – 4p-6p and 6p-8p
9/24 – 12p-2p, 2p-4p, 4p-6p
9/30 – 2-4p, 4-6p, 6p-8p
10/20 – 4p-6p, 6p-8p
10/21 – 12-2p, 2p-4p, 4p-6p

Registration is open. Please see events calendar.